A m b e r   R o p e r

Helping The Hopeless Find Hope

Tongue Tied
Amber Roper (Tongue - Single)

Amber Nicole Roper is a singer-songwriter, music & video producer, and speaker. 

Writing her first song at the age of 7, she began collecting full notebooks over the years of songs she had written, coming close to 800. By age 11, she had taught herself photography and videography so that she could implement those passions into her calling as an overall artist. 

That momentum slowed down when Amber was diagnosed at age 14 with the rare disease, Dysautonomia, that almost took her life. Spending her teenage years in and out of the hospital, she had a hard time keeping up in school. Eventually, she was forced to drop out of public high school and had to be homeschooled. 

Teaching herself how to produce music from the hospital bed, she began creating and recording her own music. She released her first album at the age of 17 and used her time outside of the hospital to travel and minster to middle and high school age girls. 

By the age of 20, Amber completed her Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries and Arts with a minor in Biblical Studies from Point University and Highlands College.

After surviving a morning run that included a random attack and sexual assault by a stranger, Amber was diagnosed with severe PTSD, anxiety, and depression. The very next year, she was raped by a family friend's son.

Because of these tragedies, she has discovered the bigger purpose for her life—to help women who had been sexually assaulted find hope again. Throughout her healing journey, she has discovered the life-changing power in God’s Word. 

Now, Amber has dedicated the rest of her life to helping others do the same through her music, videos, and books.