A m b e r   R o p e r

Helping The Hopeless Find Hope

Song Meanings:

Every song from "Impeccable Love" has a scripture as the foundation behind it.

Amber Roper (Control - Single)

Song Title          Age Written          Song Meaning       Favorite Lyric     Scripture

1) Glow - 16 - Opening the album with willing and submissive lyrics, Glow is one of the most well-written songs from this collection.  I remember the night God gave me the tune sitting on my sister's apartment floor. I couldn't wait to see how it would turn out. I wrote this song simply to tell God that I was willing to go wherever He wanted to take me so I didn't want Him to hold anything back from me. It's a wake-up call to other Christians like, "hey! We're supposed to be glowing! It's plan denomination--let's get to it." "here is the invitation to be my destination. I’ve got the revelation--you are my liberation!" 

Matthew 5:17 // Philippians 2:15

2) His. - 18 - This song is one of the last songs that I wrote for this album. I expound on my awe for God and His powerful presence while reminding Him and more-so, myself, that I am not my own. Even though I live in this body on this Earth, I'm representing someone so much greater than me. I'm not going to give this body away to someone here without His permission because it's not mine to give away. When He died, His blood purchased this body and so I'm going to treat it like it's actually worth something because according to Him, it is. "The blood He shed for me upon that rugged cross, the tears He had to cry so He could take my loss."

1 Corinthians 6:20

3) Light Up The Dark: Concert Version - 16 - For some reason I just can't let go of this song. I love the concert version so much better than the other versions of it on "Who We Are" and so I was eager to re-release it on this album. This song is perfect for waking up a sleepy audience because with the fast beat and techno influences, you can't really help but to dance! We are called to be the lights of this world and this song is a proud declaration of that. "I don't want to fall again--I'm a lost soul wandering in a lions den."

Matthew 5:14

4) Impeccable Love - 18 - This song is one of the most heart-felt songs on this album because of how close it is to my heart and own experiences. This song is a white flag to God. I'm constantly telling Him to transform me and help me to leave my painful past behind. The first half of the song is about what He can do for me and the latter part of the song is about what He is to me. MY favorite worship lyrics of all are in the breakdown of this song and I start to repeat them over and over again. "I lay my future at Your throne."

Job 25:2

5) Exchange: Concert Version - 16 - Talking about the crucifixion and how powerful Jesus' death was, this song paints out a picture of the beautiful exchange. God gave His perfect son to us in exchange for our sins, filthiness, sicknesses, pains, and debts. This updated version of Exchange is perfect if you just want to get away with God and worship Him. "I'll be waiting for eternity wrapped in Your arms."

Ephesians 5:27

6) Control - 17 - One of the few techno songs on this album, Control is yet another 'white flag' type song. I'm literally telling God to take control away from me because He always does it better. I ask Him to break me completely down so that He can rebuild me on a solid foundation (Himself) and I won't be built on something weak or faulty. "Your presence fills this atmosphere--the proof is in my heartbeat because You're here."

John 3:30

7) Victorious - 18 - It irritates me so much when I see fellow believers accepting defeat as a way of life. The Bible clearly says in Romans 8:37 that we are MORE than conquerors through Christ. A conqueror never accepts defeat and since GOD has given us the title of a conqueror, why do we think it's okay? Jesus has made us victorious in WHATEVER we may experience here on this Earth because He's ALREADY overcome this Earth! That's what John 16:33 says and that's what I'm going to live my life based on--I am victorious in everything that I do! "I don't know how to bow to the enemy's requests."

Deuteronomy 20:4

8) Need You Now - 17 - This song is really dear to my heart. I wrote it at that level of brokenness where you can't even think of words to say. The cycle of sin is so deadly and so vicious that it's really hard waking up to yourself when you haven't accepted God's forgiveness. In this song I'm asking God to just take me away because the pain is getting unbearable. I'm asking Him to fight this war for me because with me giving away all of my energy and time to other people, I don't have any left for myself. It's a song of pure desperation for God's presence to show up. "Take me far away from here, I can't fight off anymore tears."

Matthew 11:28

9) Brand New - 17 - This song is the perfect everyday declaration for any believer. I remind myself that i'm brand new in Christ and whatever satan tries to throw back at me doesn't count towards anything anymore. I remind myself of how Jesus even walked underneath the same sky that I live under--just for me. He endured these things so that I wouldn't have to. Jesus has removed all of my chains and I've simply been freed. "My flaws, my pain, my sins, my shame, my hurt, my chains have been removed in Jesus' name."

2 Corinthians 5:17

10) King Of My Heart - 18 - Being one of the very last songs that I wrote for this album, King Of My Heart is one of the ones i'm more excited about. I wanted to write a song that talked very little of me and a whole lot of Jesus. The Holy Spirit gave me this song along with a powerful message to go alongside with it. Sometimes I'd let other things become the king of my heart such as fear or pain or even guilt and other times I could let things such as social media, a relationship or even school become the owner of my heart. This song reminds me to put Jesus back in His rightful place which is the only King of my heart. "With caring hands you shape me, with healing arms you hold me, with hopeful words you wrap me in Your truth."

John 17:10

11) Do It All Again - 17 - I think the way that God revealed this song to me was so clever! A sermon in itself, this song is talks about so many different things: Satan trying to knock me down by bringing up things I've left behind, the world being as evil and self-centered as it is, God's love for me when I least deserve it, and my personal favorite, how God would do the entire crucifixion all over again just for me if He needed to. The perspective changes in this song from me talking to God to God talking to me. These are some of the most powerful lyrics on the album and I'm so grateful that God gave this song to me to share with others. "I'm holy in your sin, I'll fight until you win and if I must, I'd do it all again."

Romans 5:8

12) Victorious: recharged - 18 - Same song. Same words. Different music. "I will never back down, I won't live in fear."

Matthew 16:28

13) Beautiful Scars - 18 - This song talks about the gift of salvation. What Jesus gave up for me and how the proof of His love is engraved in His beautiful scars. Every time we're in pain, we have His scars to remind us that He's the ultimate Healer. Every time it looks like we're losing, His scars show us that He's already won. This song is a reminder of God's love and how we, as His children, are ultimately priceless masterpieces. "I may not have been there when You were crucified but my sin is the reason that You could not survive. You took up my sickness, my debts, and my pain, and now I am living in the victory of Your name."

Psalms 34:4

14) Change Is Coming - 17 - Helping to close the album in a strong and powerful way, this song makes a bold declaration about the past, the present, and the future. At first, I'm telling God that He owns every breath inside of this body. Then I move into what He's done for me and how He shows His love for me. Lastly I share a verse from Revelation and begin declaring how God is going to take back everything that was stolen, how depression will one day bow down to hope and how we'll all see the chains falling off because freedom's sound is so powerful. God has spoken that change is coming and so this song is declaring what kind of changes are on their way. "We will see sickness bow down to the healing found in Your sound."

Exodus 33:14 // Revelation 17:14

15) Forever King - 18 - This song is a song of noting else but worship. A song of dedication and the reality of living a life that revolves around Jesus Christ--the beauty of the gift of Salvation. My favorite name of God is "Immanuel", meaning "God with us." This song is a reminder of how our King is FOREVER with us. "May Your great plans become my own when I have to walk through the unknown."

Revelation 22:5