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Song Meanings:

Who We Are

Song Title          Age Written          Song Meaning       Favorite Lyric

1) Speechless - 15 - With its long introduction, you might mistake this song as an instrumental. While I wrote this song just playing around with some keys on my new keyboard, I never thought I'd actually have it on a CD.  I wrote the song in under ten minutes but I couldn't think of a name for it. I didn't want it to be the typical "I Need You" song because I can name about three off of the top of my head from other Christian artists. I studied the lyrics a bit and decided on the name "Speechless" because I often mention in the song how there's "not much more that I can say". I'm describing what it feels like to be captivated by God's beauty. "There's a puzzle of this world and I'm a piece--only He can find my place."

2) Paper Heart - 14 - this song came from a dream. It was really unusual but I woke up with these lyrics in my head and I grabbed my phone and recorded myself humming out the tune. Still in bed, I grabbed my iPad and created this song. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me to remember the lyrics from my dream and sure enough, He did. This song is telling God that I'm a blank canvas and He can do with me whatever He would like. "My paper heart is yours to mold."

3) Closer - 16 - This song has a different feel to it. Although I don't remember how or when I wrote it at all, I do remember a period when I was ONLY focused on getting closer to God. One of my favorite scriptures is James 4:8 (Come close to God and God will come closer to you), and so this definitely inspired me. I'm describing being haunted and running away from dark memories and I'm pleading to God that closeness with Him is all that I desire. This is the first song from this album to have a music video. "My heart is beating faster while You breathe Your life into my soul."

4) Light Up The Dark - 16 - I remember playing around on my piano and finding the chords to this song. I fell in love with them and asked the Holy Spirit to give me a tune. As I continued to play the four chords, sure enough, I started singing the "ooo"'s in this song. The rest of the lyrics came to me as I continued to play. It's talking about how this world is filled with sin and I don't want to gain the world and lose my soul. Therefore, I need Jesus to light up the dark so that I know He's with me. "I don't want to fall again--I'm a lost soul wandering in a lions den."

5) Whenever I Fall - 17 - I LOVED WRITING THIS SONG! I don't remember how or where I wrote it but I do remember praying these lyrics every day before I got out of bed, "Lord, help me walk behind You. Give me the eyes to find You. Lord, remind me that I need You. Give me the eyes to see You." Of course, in a less catchy prayer. It's crazy that in all of this worshipping, I can still forget how much I need God! Sometimes I just need reminding. "I'm a peasant that's trying to mimic the life of King Christ."

6) Thank You - 15 - I remember writing this song like it was yesterday. I had just finished making my first jazzy-styled beat (I was experimenting) and I listened to it all together for the first time and then started singing the lyrics. This song is pretty self-explanatory: It's a song thanking God for everything He's done, doing, and will do! With it's joyful vibes and relatable lyrics, I perform this upbeat song almost everywhere I go. "Been here for a while in Your presence and I'm being washed clean by Your grace."

7) Super Hero - 17 - This is the first song I wrote after I REALLY started living for Jesus. I'm lying all of my pride at His feet by telling Him that I know He's the one worthy of my praise. I don't live to glorify myself but I live to glorify God and so I'm pretty much reminding myself that I am second and God is first. "He sits up on a throne and He titles me as His."

8) My Everything - 16 - I was a bridesmaid at a wedding in March of 2014. I saw how happy the couple was and I wrote this song in awe. I definitely believe that I am God's bride so I tried to imagine what it felt like to be a bride. I imagined it must feel really good and that she must feel really loved so I wrote this song as a love song sung from the perspective of both me and God: God telling me that He wants me to make Him my lover and I'm responding to God saying that He can be my everything. This is the first song I've written from 2 different perspectives but they mostly blend together and can be either/or. The Disney-sounding-guitar-picking brings the magical feel together, definitely giving the song a happier vibe. "I will let things go like the ones I used to know just to give You my full attention."

9) All of Me - 15 - This is the first song I made on my keyboard. I got a bit carried away with the lyrics and realized that there weren't enough measures to say all of the things that I wanted to say. That's how the talk/rap style verses came about. This is one of the first songs I ever performed live and I was always nervous about tongue-tying my lyrics. This song talks about how a lot of the time I'll tell God that I'm giving Him all of me when in reality, I'm only giving Him half of me. It's a giant prayer for today's generation as well, describing how the world is falling apart before my eyes and how we need Jesus as our answer. "I have a clock that won't tell the time and a fight between the forces going on in my mind."

10) Who We Are - 15 - I had a lot of fun making this song! I was just playing around with some different sounds and then this song fell together. The lyrics came within twenty minutes and the overlays were fun to record and really different for the style I had adapted to at the time. This song has a playful vibe but the lyrics are actually more serious than one would expect. I remember feeling a lot of pressure in a relationship to have sex to "prove that I loved him". It kind of ties back to my very first song, "Where Are You Hiding", where I talked about the same person but in a different manner. In this manner, I'm talking about a certain situation where I was with him and I couldn't hide the panic I felt because he was trying to convince me to compromise. Addressing how I have my entire life ahead of me and don't want to make the mistake of having sex before marriage, I simply say that it's too soon to love. "Mistakes can't be unmade and I don't wanna make another one."

11) Exchange - 16 - Ahhh. We've come to one of my favorite songs to perform. I love this song because the lyrics are really powerful! I paint out a visual picture--which isn't done enough now a day--of the crucifixion. I wanted this song to be a song that made people start crying out for Jesus and reflect and rejoice in how good God has been to them. I shared with God my vision about the lyrics before I even began to write them and He told me the He would guide me in writing them. This song paints the mental image of how God gave us His love, His strength, His perfection, and His freedom in exchange for our sins, our weaknesses, our failures, and our chains. "I'll be waiting for eternity wrapped in Your arms..."

12) Times - 14Definitely one of the first Christian songs that I produced. It's a really short song that's straight to the point. I'm describing how times are changing and more and more you see the world claiming to have the answer to eternal happiness and freedom when the solution they're throwing in front of your face is just going to bring you down even further. God is the only light and in Him there is no darkness. Every false light in this world will lead you right back into the darkness because it's not God's light! "Time is changing my heart--I can't restart. Born in this world as it is falling apart."

13) Secret Place - 17 - This is my favorite song on the entire album. I love this song because it mentally takes me into an entirely different setting when I hear or sing it. One day, God led me into the woods where I was completely alone with Him and there were rivers and bridges and trees taller than I'd ever seen. My imagination did the rest. I have a really strong desire to be alone with God outside in nature--where I can see His beautiful creations firsthand! When I came home that day, I had the lyrics on the tip of my tongue. I wanted God to take me to HIS secret place! Bigger than anywhere I'd ever been and more freeing than anything I've ever felt. I love the instruments used on track also. I used a synth called Zen's Garden for the first time and it makes these beautiful chime noises like you're in a garden which makes the "Secret Place" theme feel all too real for me! I really love to worship God with this song. "Welcome me into Your secret place, shower me in mercy and Your grace."